About Success Awards

The Success Awards team has over 15 years experience creating replica Championship Jewelry across Major League Sports. Our championship rings often are difficult to differentiate from the real rings and have created such a fan frenzy that often they sell for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market. Sport fans become obsessed with championship rings, turning them into a “must have” for their collection. In 2015 we introduced our own designs for the youth sports market as young athletes want the same awards as the pros. Our rapid success at the pro and youth level opened opportunities for Success Awards to design custom rings for some of the largest youth organizations throughout the United States. Some of our youth organization clients include; USSSA, USA Softball, NSA, BPA and USA Diving and others work with our team of professionals to design their championship hardware. 

Success Brands can also create awards that are used by corporations rewarding their top performers. Select from our in-stock designs or work with our creative team to customize your own award!   


Event Brands

Success Awards has an eye on the future for youth events as we have teamed with World Renowned brands such as DC Comics, Top Gun, Looney Tunes and others.  This opportunity will allow your organization to run one of a kind events in your community that will differentiate you from the competition.  Imagine running a SuperHero event, Good vs Evil or the power of the Justice League; this will surely drive extra team registration and merchandise sales. Until now, this one of a kind opportunity to partner with Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures has never been done in youth sports.  Be the first in your market to host powerful themed events around Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Top Gun, Looney Tunes and more. Our tournament packages include one of a kind awards, tournament graphics, custom jerseys and  merchandise. Increase your participation and revenue with our Success Events.


Our Awards

Success Awards takes pride in creating all of our own awards in-house with an experienced design department. Our high caliber decorative jewelry is among the highest quality in the industry.  We have in stock awards for baseball, basketball, soccer and football plus awards that can be used for any sport.  Our championship belts are great quality and offer tremendous value, plus you can customize your organization on the belt. Our team is always designing new products for all sports and events that are dynamic and get people excited.

Our lineup of superhero rings and belts and other accessories can only be purchased through  Success Awards.  Take a look at our line-up of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Top Gun and other awards.


  • In-Stock Awards are shipped out the same day 
  • Customized awards are designed in-house and produced overseas within 90 days.

Custom Awards

Our in-house design department creates high caliber awards for all professional and youth sports and corporations. Customized awards are created for clients with the goal to create an award that hasn’t been seen before.

If you would like to design your own awards, take a look at our portfolio awards to see what we delivered for other clients. This is a great place to start brainstorming with one of our creative designers with your vision and our experience. Success Awards will work with your budget and timeline to deliver  your high caliber award.

Licensing Awards

Success Brands & Awards have an exclusive relationship with Warner Bros. bringing youth sports a unique co-branding opportunity. Tournament packages for Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Looney Tunes and Space Jam are determined by agreed terms through territorial demographics… 


Success Awards also can design and develop team jerseys! This merchandise can help drive extra revenue for events selling apparel and our popular headwear brand, Melonwear. We specialize in private label designs and are industry experts with over 20 years of experience producing retail quality merchandise. Providing these products to our licensed properties opened opportunities creating in-game superhero jerseys. An amazing team jersey with a legendary superhero can be very impactful to a young athlete.